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My Family

Friday, November 8, 2013

Spooky Halloween Party

The Friday before Halloween we held our annual Spooky Halloween party.  The boys couldn't wait to have the party and I was thankful to have most of the house projects completed before the party - see we can both fit out vehicles in the garage now.

Ok, so onto the Halloween party.  This year I thought it would be fun to have a Photo Booth.  So I tried to come up with something and thanks to our local Badcock they gave me 2 washing machine boxes that I constructed into a photo booth.

Adam and Stephanie came over Thursday night and helped with the setup.  The guys were out setting up the "spooky" hayride effects and Stephanie and I worked on the photo booth and scavenger hunt.

Of course the kids played and had a blast.

At one time the kids came outside and asked if they could have something to eat - sure.  Well, when we went inside later that evening around 10:00, the counter was a mess with all kinds of wrappers - granola bars, chips, banana peels, and some candy.  Well, I guess they were hungry.  I did feel like a bad parent since it was after 10 and they hadn't had dinner.  Yes, I felt pretty bad, but they survived.

One tired little boy.

Here are a few pics from the party.

My tomato cage ghosts for the hayride

Tried something new - sprite,  lime gelatin, pineapple juice and cherry juice with a little "bloody hand" for added affect (minus a couple of fingers).  The punch was pretty good, but lots of leftover.  I loved the way it looked.

Wow at all of the food we had.  It was increased to 2 tables this year.

Goodie cups the little ones

The finished photo booth - I have a year to make it even better next year.

 A little mood lighting.

The kids usually come in costume and then change shortly after arriving so they don't get their costumes messed up.

Pocahontas & Doc McStuffins

My Superman "Man of Steel"

Tucker as Mickey Mouse

Leah as Scooby Doo

My batman and Pocahontas 

A little photo booth fun

I thing the adults may have had more fun in the photo booth then the kids.  Next year it definitely needs to be a little wider, but I am very happy with how it turned out.

This year we tried out a few Minute to Win It games.  Brody's kindergarten class played them last year and seemed to really have fun, so I thought it would be good for the party as well.  The first was "Tissue Pull"

A few of the dads watching

"Separation Anxiety" - separate M&M's by color into different cups.  If you mess up then you dump the cup out and start over.

"Suck it Up" - Transfer M&M's from one plate to the other.  This happened to be 3 of the smallest kids doing this game, so it didn't work as well as I thought.  However, isn't Scooby the cutest - you can't even see her face.

"Shake it Up" - take the empty tissue box from earlier and tie a ribbon through it and around their waste.  Place ping pong balls inside and have them shake until there all out.  This was perfect for the little ones.

"Stack it Up"

After a little food, it was then time to go on the scavenger hunt.  This year Stephanie and I changed it up a little to try and make it fair for all.  Everyone started out at the garage with a clue that sent them to the end of mom and dad's driveway that held the remaining clues.

The remaining clues to find the rest of Mr. Bones body parts all over the yard.

The clues were done by the kids taking so many steps, hops, skips, zig zag's, etc to a different spot in the yard (thanks to Stephanie for helping out really late the night before as we thought we might be shot at by my dad since he wasn't aware of what we were doing).  The bone was sitting next to a glow stick, since we did the scavenger hunt in the dark this year, which I think worked out much better.

Getting a little scarier as you can tell a couple of the girls are arm in arm.  My 2 boys actually were a little frightened at this point, which is all the fun.

While the kids were on the scavenger hunt, Doug thought he would burn some of the trash from the Minute to Win it games aka tissues.  Wow at how high the fire was.

After finding all of the bones, it was time to put him all back together

Time for the "Spooky Hayride"  I'm pretty sure we are at our limit - what fun times!!

I think Jason just came up behind her and scared her silly.

A few friendly ghosts in the woods we encountered along the way.  We also had some fog and clips from Pirates of the Caribbean - just like we were riding the Disney ride.  Maybe next year Adam might hear us coming and get it all ready in time - it all worked out though, but needless to say we gave him a hard time about it.

I think everyone had a fun time - especially the kids.  We only had a couple of kids kind of scared and possibly dreamt of ghosts that night.  Plans are already being thought of for next year.  Fun times!!

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