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My Family

Monday, November 4, 2013

A visit to the Cummer

Brody's first field trip for 1st grade was on Tuesday, October 22 and was to the Cummer Art Museum.  He is always so excited about field trips even though he really didn't know much or anything about the Cummer.  He's just excited to be getting out of school and doing something different.

It was a VERY rainy day so thankfully it was inside.  Half of the 1st grade getting ready to go inside.  They kids were split into groups by their class.

Let me just say it makes a different who your guide is - ours probably could have been a little more fun because I don't think there are many 1st graders too excited about having so many rules so they didn't touch a painting.  However, the Cummer did try to make it as exciting as possible for the kids and gave them many hands on things to do.

First stop was to create a cityscape where they learned about the background, middle ground and foreground.

Second was Brody's favorite - the Art Connections section.  This is where they could explore a little while and make nail impressions

create a maze with noodles

create a portrait (which we couldn't get to work right) and see what happens when 2 colors are mixed.

The Cummer grounds are always so pretty as far as I can remember, however, everything was pretty wet so we didn't spend much time outside.  They did get to walk to the river and see a true cityscape

He's always eager to answer a question even before the question is asked.

We then headed inside to learn about still art and the kids were able to create their own still art with foam fruit bowls and fruit.

Last they learned about landscapes using different shades of green to create their own landscapes.

The plan was to go eat lunch at a nearby park, but since it had poured earlier everything was pretty wet.  They decided to go back to the park near the school and eat their lunch.  Well, Brody wanted to go with me and we headed to The Loop (saved our Subway lunch for dinner that night).  What a healthy lunch - small salad with an Oreo milkshake.

He was a trooper with all the errands I had to run that afternoon, but finally gave it up and passed out.

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