My Family

My Family

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's just not our year!!

Saturday, November 2 was our annual FL/GA football party.   We were all ready for our big party and my boys were running around doing the CHOMP!!

Our Gator family

Even Allye got in on the fun.

We were all set for what we hoped was a big win.

We have lots of food and fun.  This year our football menu consisted of chicken nuggets, BBQ chicken sandwiches and crab legs

The kids were all excited to be together especially since the only rule is to stay in the playroom.  They have a blast.

Trevor and Ava were having a little picnic together - it was the cutest thing.

Yes, for some reason Trevor thought it was necessary to take his shirt off while he danced via the Wii.

Back to the yummy food.  Stephanie made this peanut butter chocolate cake for Adam's birthday which was the day before.  We helped him celebrate with this extra rich cake that she did great on.

John loves his crab legs so he brought several pounds over to boil, but he and Jason were about the only 2 who ate.  As you can see Stephanie was definitely not a fan.  The smell was a little overwhelming and stayed in my house for awhile - candles to the rescue.


Tara and Marshall joined the Cruce's as fellow Georgia fans.

After the not so great outcome of a game, we resorted to the ping pong room to get out a little stress with music and ping pong.

Tara can play some mean ping pong and talked a lot of smack, but still couldn't beat Jason.  He still owns his table.

We Gator fans didn't have the outcome we had hoped for, but we still had a great time with friends and food!!

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