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My Family

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Zombie Night

Warning - May be a little gruesome for some so beware!!

Wednesday, October 30 our youth put on Zombie Night "Dead Man Walking"  The youth today love the show "Walking Dead".  Last year was the first time I had ever seen it and I only saw a few minutes of it and I knew it was not for me, but our seniors love it.

Jason and I even thought we would dress the part

After 4 hours of decorating the night before, the gym was looking pretty scary.

Jason and I weren't the only adults playing the part.

Our fearless leader

These were our butchers for the Feeding Flesh area - oh yeah we are crazy!!  All because we love Jesus!!

Of course the youth dressed the part

 They couldn't make the zombie face

Some of our past youth to help out with the Zombie Relay

With the Zombie Relay, groups of 10 had to go through a course without letting the zombies get their flags.  They had to go through tunnels and through an old van where a zombie was hidden and waiting.

Jason was getting the zombie chasers ready.

Some missing body parts

The view of the course from the top.  The kids had a blast doing this especially when it got dark.  The zombie chasers were relentless and let very few youth through.  I think the zombie chasers had more fun.

Back inside there was a food eating contest.  Talk about gross.  I wasn't sure if I was even going to be able to take pictures, so of course I had to share.  There was chicken feet

Pig knuckles

Cow stomach

I think our butcher was having too good of a time with this.

These kids were amazing with how they ate this stuff.  I couldn't believe they ate it and all for some gift cards.

The big one was cow tongue.  This was the grossest of all.

Each person had to eat half of the tongue below.

This girl ate all 4 of these items and ate it like a champ.  She must have an iron stomach.

Even Bro. Todd decided to try out the cow tongue.

The whole purpose of this night was to have them listen that God loves them and give them an opportunity to ask Jesus in their heart.

These kids had such a great time and I'm sure something they will talk about for awhile.

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