My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One sandy day

A good friend of mine called me up on a Friday night and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the beach with her and her son Bradyn the next day. I admit I really had to think about it: 1) tons of stuff to pack up for 2 boys - snacks, umbrella, blanket, sunscreen, and toys 2) how sandy I was going to be afterwards 3) how sandy the boys would be and it was going to be a HUGE chore to get them cleaned up. However, after a couple of hours contemplating this decision (yes, I am horrible at making decisions), I called and said sure.

After packing most of the car Friday night, I felt we were ready. We even squeezed 3 car seats in the back of my car so we could all ride together. This was definitely a sight and I think I needed ear plugs after the 45 minute drive.

Our destination was Jason's aunt condo - she lives right on the beach in Ponte Vedra and there are showers and a pool so it makes cleaning up after a day on the beach much easier. I wish I had taken a picture of us hauling everything to the beach. Thankfully I took the wagon so most of it was in there.
My sweet boy hanging out in the shade.

Best buddies

This was Trevor's first time at the beach being able to crawl, so I knew it was going to be interesting. I layed out the blanket and put him out - no I really didn't think he would stay on it and sure enough he immediately went to the sand and of course he had to taste it.

The boys played great together and Trevor seemed to have a good time. He pretty much stayed in one spot but loved to be in the sand. I'm very thankful for the umbrella because it did offer a little shade and felt pretty nice.

He sure doesn't care that he has sand in every little crevice of his body.
We stayed actually longer than we thought we would - about 3 hours. Of course it took a good 30 minutes to get everyone cleaned up and changed for the ride home. Trevor actually fell asleep before we drove out of the parking lot - he was one tired little boy. The boys played most of the way home, but Brody did fall asleep about 15 minutes before we got home and was transported to his bed pretty easily.

It was a very successful and FUN day. I think I'm getting this beach thing down pat and it will be easier to pack everyone up the next time we go.

A Date with Ollie Koaloa

Yes, I know you are all thinking what kind of date comprises of a kid's game place on a Friday night. Well, I guess that's the extent of our dates lately but this place is actually pretty fun for a 3 year old AND it's pretty cheap which is what we parents like to hear. Brody was so excited for us to be going there.

This was Brody's favorite - a rocket ship. I guess he thought he was just like Buzz Lightyear

Trevor even joined in on the action.

So serious!

He wasn't so sure about this dump truck ride.
Even though it may not be mine and Jason's perfect date night but our kids had a blast so that's important.

A Chick Fil A Day

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to the mall with BOTH boys. Sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking, but other times I'm determined to not always stay in the house so we headed out. It's always such an planning ordeal to leave the house. Don't forget bottles, snacks, water, snacks, puffs, and even more snacks. Brody LOVES his snacks. I guess I made him this way because ever since his first trip to the grocery store he would always eat so everytime we go anywhere he wants to know what's in my purse.

We finally got to the mall.
I absolutely LOVE this stroller. I was a little nervous in the beginning because I wasn't sure I would get my money worth out of it, but it has been great. It's a little heavy but I have gotten used to it. I wish I had it purchased it when Brody was born because I would have really gotten my money's worth.
My mall trips are strategically planned because I have to know exactly what I'm looking for - no
browsing allowed - only at the end of the trip if time allows. Most important things first while they are still on their best behavior.

After a couple of hours shopping - Trevor slept most of this time - praise the Lord - we headed to eat and where else but Chick Fil La. This day happened to be Customer Appreciation Day so people were all dressed up to get their free meals. We didn't attempt to dress up - I guess I could have put a white shirt with black spots on them and called it a day, but oh well. Brody got a cute hat and we bought a balloon monkey so he was quite thrilled.

Having a visit from the Chick Fil La cow - of course not looking at the camera.

Sporting his new hat.

Trevor enjoying some applesauce

I think the more I attempt mall trips the easier it has to get.

We love to match

Brody loves to get ready by himself and has been doing this for awhile. We usually see who can get ready the fastest. This involves:

  • brushing his teeth (we still help him with this just to make sure he does a good job
  • putting his clothes on
  • picking out his own clothes for a fun day at the house
  • picking out his own pj's and big boys

We have been talking to Brody about matching clothes and he first thought matching meant a red shirt with red shorts - he would say "they match mama". We had to explain that yes they are the same color but we don't wear all the same color. If he wants to wear a pair of shoes - like Buzz Lightyear crocs - I can usually tell him that they don't match and we'll find the pair of shoes that do match and mama wants him to wear. So the other morning he picked out his own clothes to play in for the day and this is what he came out with

He was so proud. He said "Look mama, orange shorts with a little orange in the shirt - they match". I was a proud mom. This sure makes getting ready and out the door a lot easier.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pop Tart Heaven

Brody LOVES Pop Tarts. Yes, I know they aren't the healthiest of breakfasts but when you have a son who time his feet hit the floor in the morning he is in the pantry saying "I want somefin" - (yes that is how he says it) there is no time to think of making a wholesome breakfast (not because I'm still in the bed when he gets up - NOOOO way).

Well, we started eating the Pop Tarts to try and make it easier on Jason for school mornings - fast and easy. I of course started with no frosting, but Brody saw someone at school with Strawberry with frosting and he thought those would be GOOD!!! Of course we have a winner. What started as just school mornings as ended up like every morning even my days off. So, I thought I don't want to have to get out of bed at 7:30 on my days off just to get his pop tart out of the wrapper so I started doing this the night before

It has worked out great. Brody knows that his milk is in the fridge and he sits at the counter and eats BOTH pop tarts and usually doesn't even come in our bedroom. He is so independent. There was one morning I heard his bedroom door open and heard the toilet flush and I thought great it's way to early to get out of bed (it was like 7:15). The next thing I know it's 8:30 and he comes in my bedroom and gets on the bed - he has already changed clothes. I said "Brody, your pop tart is on the counter" His reply "I already ate it" I guess it had been over an hour since I heard him get up. What a sweet little boy who can do this all by himself and not even have to wake his mommy up or his little brother.

I know some of you are thinking what a terrible mom who won't get up with her son - well, sometimes good sleep is necessary and we feel that Brody is pretty independent.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He's still not a big fan

On Sunday, July 4th, we headed to church all decked out in our red, white & blue - of course since Sunday's are SOOOO crazy we didn't get a picture of all of us. Why is it when we all match that I can never seem to get a picture. Oh well.

After church we rushed home to change and then headed out to the beach for a fun day at the pool. Since the drive is about 40 minutes we always wish, hope, pray that our boys will take good naps before we get there. Well, it took Trevor about 20 minutes to fall asleep and we kept telling Brody he needed to close his eyes and take a nap or he was going to have to sleep when we got there. He was so funny because he would immediately close his eyes and he actually went to sleep. He is such a good sleeper/napper.

Enjoying the new toy from Nana - star clappers.
His new grin.

Brody sporting his goggles and of course the water gun - don't leave home without them.

After some pool time and Brody showing off his new swimming skills we ate and headed over to the beach for the fireworks. Jason's aunt lives in a condo right on the beach and he has a couple of cousins who go all out and do their own fireworks on the beach - we have our own big show. We even get some of the debris. We weren't quite sure how Brody would be this year. He hasn't been a big fan in the past years but he was talking all big this year. Well, about 10 minutes into our fireworks show he'd had enough and headed inside. Now Trevor on the other hand was chillin with his bottle and didn't even flinch - what a trooper.

My family with my cute matching boys. How long will I be able to do this? Right now, Brody loves for Trevor to match him, but I'm sure this won't last.

I just love this picture of Trevor and Aunt Tara.
For once smiling AND looking at the camera.

Kamren (a cousin) & Trevor
Me and boys.

This is one of Trevor's latest things to do when you are laying on the floor, he'll raise his arms and then drop them on your chest. He think it's so funny.
Taking in all of the fireworks.

Chillin with the bottle.

Once our personal show was almost over, we persuaded Brody to come back out to watch the Jax beach fireworks since they were at a distance and he could hopefully enjoy them. He did sport some nice ear buds and listened to none other than the Gator fight song to try and drown out our personal firework finale.

Enjoyin the Gator Song and watching the fireworks.

Trevor eventually fell asleep during all of this noise and was out for the night. It only took Brody about 5 minutes to fall asleep once we got in the car. Once again a late night and easily transported to their beds for a full night's sleep.

I can't leave this post without saying how thankful I am to live in the country that I do and for the men and women who fight for our freedom. As Jason and I have been on a couple of mission trips to other countries and seen the poverty and the politics that goes on, we thank God for how blessed we are to live where we do.

A BUSY 4th of July weekend

Our 4th of July weekend started out with Saturday evening at the St Mary's Aquatic Center. This is the 2nd year our church reserves the park for a couple of hours and it's free for us to go in. Just like last year, the weather turned overcast and windy so of course the water felt pretty cold.

They have a little kid area with slides and a big bucket that dumps a TON of water everywhere. Well, Brody still was not too keen on the idea of all of that water possibly dumping on him, which I guess I can't blame him. We tried to explain to him that we wouldn't let it dump on him - we would be in and out before it dumped - but he wasn't buying it. So, we headed over to the lazy river with Baylie. We must have gone around that thing about 10 times - they were having a blast. Even Trevor got in on the action.

This was after about 4 times going around - of course I didn't have my camera the first 4 times when he was laughing and smiling.
This water was pretty cold and Trevor's not so sure about it.
This is the water from the bucket - can't you see why Brody's not a fan.

It was then to the big pool area - Jason took Brody and I took Trevor to the kiddie area to see if he would just sit along the sides and splash and he did and loved it. After about 15 minutes, Jason comes over and says "you have to come see Brody, he is swimming BY HIMSELF" I thought no way, but sure enough he would put his head in the water and swim to Jason AND he was enjoying it. I was so proud and this was just with 3 swimming lessons.

Check out my little fish.

After the water park, we headed to our annual spot now - Sonic for some ice cream. Yum Yum. Of course Trevor joined in for some yummy treats. It's amazing what the 2nd child does to you because I don't Brody had anything like this for awhile but then he never really acted like he wanted any of our stuff. Trevor on the other hand watches EVERYTHING that goes in our mouth and acts like he wants to try it. Not sure if Trevor will stick to just water and milk like Brody- I sure hope so.

It was a great Saturday and my boys were exhausted and fell right to sleep in the car. Thank goodness they can be transported pretty easily to their beds.