My Family

My Family

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another milestone - 9 months

Wow. Another month has flown by and my little boy is now 9 months old. It's definitely getting sad but not sad enough to think about #3. This has been a huge month for Trevor:
  • he has 2 teeth on the bottom and 2 more trying to peek thru on the top
  • he chews on EVERYTHING - there must be some more teeth coming in somewhere back there.
  • he is crawling EVERYWHERE and he loves to pick up the smallest speck of anything on the floor. This is driving me crazy since I'm not the best housekeeper. I wish I could be but I somehow find something else to utilize my time with.

  • he is trying 3rd stage of food but not doing very well with it. He gets choked a little with the texture of the food - he doesn't really want to chew.

  • he has started eating the wonderful puffs. We can only give him one at a time or he'll cram the whole handful in his mouth.

  • he is pulling up on all of the tables and wants to take steps but not quite there yet

  • we had to lower his crib so he didn't take a tumble out - I'm sure he'll be the first to climb out of his crib with hopefully not too big of a thud afterwards.

  • there is now a protector on the side of his crib so he doesn't use the side of his crib as a chew toy like Brody did

  • he is still a very happy and easy going baby - Nana and Poppy say he's just along for the ride. Not sure he'll be able to really get a chance to talk seeing that Brody talks ALL the time.

  • he is babbling ALL the time

  • he is still sleeping through the night and LOVES to sleep which we are very thankful for

He had his 9 month pictures done at JCPenney's and it was so much better than Target where I've gone in the past. I usually don't have issues with Target but the last venture for his 6 months was definitely the last - 1 1/2 hours there - that's a little long for 2 kids. Penney's was so much more relaxed and we were out within 45 minutes. Here's a few of the pictures from the shoot.

We actually went to the doctor yesterday and I was waiting to post this to include the doctor visit, but you'll have to check back later for that post it was quite a day and too much to include for this one.