My Family

My Family

Monday, May 3, 2010

1st Beach Day of the Season

A few days after Easter, I was a brave mom and headed to the beach with BOTH boys by myself - I was hoping that Jessica, my SIL would show up with Caleb so he and Brody could play. I was determined to do this - not sure how I was going to do it, how I was going to carry everything, and how I was going to survive. After packing up what seemed like EVERYTHING in the house we were off to Jax beach. I'm an early morning beach person so we can spend a few hours there and they can still get a decent nap in.

Once we arrived, the chore began of trying to take everything we owned to the beach - toys, SNACKS (my child can't go without snacks), and small cooler and oh yeah don't forget the 18 pound child - Trevor. I sadly had to forgo the chair because there just wasn't enough arm space - the blanket would have to do. Brody started out as a big helper to carry the cooler but he quickly wanted me to carry it. I tried to persuade him to be the strong boy, but to no avail I got stuck carrying it.

Thankfully, when we go to Jax beach, we utilize Jason's Aunt Chris' condo which has public bathrooms and a shower to rinse off afterwards. This makes it so much nicer. Once we got down to the beach, time to unload. I'm sure we were quite a sight with all of our stuff, but we survived. Here's a picture when we first got there. Don't worry the sunglasses didn't stay long.

Shortly after we got there, Aunt Chris and Cameron joined us and then Jessica, Caleb, Cale and Nana joined us. Brody had a blast hitting the golf ball and playing in the water. Trevor finally fell asleep underneath the umbrella until we had to go so it was only about a 10 minute nap - but thankfully they both fell asleep VERY quickly in the car.

It was such a fun day but it is a lot of work to get all of us to the beach these days. Hopefully the more I practice the easier it will get.

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