My Family

My Family

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My flower girl all grown up!!

When Jason and I got married 9 years ago, Sara Lynn was just about to turn 6 and she was our flower girl and her, twin brother, Tyler, was our ring bearer. They also have a younger sister, Jenny Beth (yep, she's named after me :) ) who was just born when we got married. These 3 are the sweetest ever and their whole family mean so much to us. Brody absolutely loves them and is always wanting them to come over and play (he actually prayed for them to come over more - how sweet is that? ).
Well, she is now 15 and a couple of weeks ago, I had her stay the night with us and babysit Trevor the next day. WOW - I was feeling old. I really can't believe she's 15 and she is babysitting our kids. We actually kept them when we were dating - quite funny!! Here's a few pictures of Sara Lynn playing with Brody when we got home from school.

Practicing their frisbee skills.

Maybe we'll have another golfer on our hands.

Here's a close up of her at Christmas holding Trevor-she is so beautiful (inside and out) - the boys better watch out. That's Tyler in the back.

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