My Family

My Family

Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter - Part 3 - Dyeing Eggs

This time of year seems so busy - it was difficult to find time to dye eggs but we knew Brody would love doing it. At about 7:45 we realized that we needed to get started - maybe it was a tired little Trevor telling us if we wanted him in a picture we needed to get a move on. I quickly got everything out and here's our picture - thankfully with all of us.

Now, right after that picture Trevor went to bed. Poor guy just can't stay up much past 8:00.

Brody had a blast coloring the eggs. We had the marblelized kind as well as some Lightning McQueen stickers. He loved using his new Easter tongs - or scissors as he called him. He was actually pretty good at doing it all by himself.

After coloring the eggs he wanted to eat them - I really don't think he's ever eaten a boiled egg so I'm not sure why he was so into eating one, but we told him we had to wait until Easter. What a fun night but it surely is a mess to clean up.

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