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My Family

Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter - Part 2

The Thursday before Easter was Brody's school party. The night before I had made the cutest cupcakes for his party and he of course picked the biggest one out that he wanted at his party. Everytime I go up to his class I know God did not bless me with the gift of being with 2/3 year olds all day - it takes some really special AND patient people to do that.

Enjoying every bite of the cupcake I made for this class.

The party started at 2:30 and it was SUGAR galore so I knew he would be wired. After 3 cupcakes and some chips we were ready for the egg hunt. A few of us mom's went out while they were getting ready and "hid" the eggs. Hiding is an understantement because for 3 year olds you just put them out in the grass.

Check out all the eggs all over the ground.

Ms. Patti explaining what to do - like you really have to tell 3 year olds how to run all over and pick up colorful eggs.

I wasn't quite sure how Brody would do with finding eggs meaning if someone else picked up one first. Thankfully he did great. Once he had his eye on a certain egg he would run over 5 eggs to get to that perfect egg.

A proud boy with all of his eggs "candy"

He had a great time and once we got home and let him run and run to get out as much energy as possible.

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