My Family

My Family

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday celebration x2

Jason's mom and I have the same birthday - convenient right? Jason says he had to find someone with the same birthday so he would never forget the date. Every year we all go out to eat to celebrate. This year we had to celebrate a little later due to everyone's busy schedule. PF Chang's was the chosen place this year. I knew this place was pretty loud so hopefully no one would really notice if Brody and/or Trevor were loud. You never know how Brody will act on a Tuesday or Thursday - these are school days and he doesn't get much of a nap. He is used to a 2-3 hour nap and for some reason he won't sleep real well at school so Mr. Irritable is his name on these days.
Trevor being very content in his carrier.

I'm proud to say that both boys did really well and we all had a great time. However, I have decided that I am not much of a Chinese food person - I really only like Chicken Fried Rice and let me just say that this is not REAL Chinese food. Jason and I have experienced the real stuff and it is not like PF Changs. Here''s some grasshoppers that we ate in China - yes both of us tried it. See I told you the food was quite different.

We even had a birthday cake thanks to Tara. It's definitely never boring when you have all of us out which includes 2 toddlers and an infant.

Cale and Trevor had a blast with each other.
Wendi (Jason's cousin) & her boyfriend Drew

Dean drew this on the table cloth. He was still full so I can grab some for you as well.

Here's our attempt at a few pictures afterwards.

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