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My Family

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Disney Cruise - Nassau

We woke up December 2 to an 8 year old in our room.  Yes, it was Brody's birthday.  How cool is it to celebrate your birthday on a Disney Cruise?  He was pretty excited to say the least.  The first thing he did was go on the balcony to see the sights - Bahamas!!  He couldn't wait to get out and explore.

Of course breakfast before our big day

Before our cruise I couldn't decide whether or not to sign up for an excursion or not so I went with winging it once we got there.  I really have never had a desire to go to the Bahamas except to maybe see Atlantis.

Once we got off the boat we were approached from everyone about what type of excursions they were offering (much cheaper than signing up via Disney).  We decided on a tour of the island which included seeing Atlantis.  It cost us $100 total which was a very good deal. Brody started out pretty excited about the day's adventure as we drove around the island and our driver would point out different historic points. 

One of the stops was John Watling's rum distillery - I think I missed that point when our guide was trying to get us to buy the tour since none of us drink.  Yeah I felt like mom of the year taking my children into a rum distillery. We used it as a teachable moment.

There were a few cool things about the place - a deep well

Jason was picked to say some word which of course required making a very strange face.

And the labels on each bottle of rum are placed on by hand.  You could smell the run inside a few bottles if you wanted - I could only imagine the smell - the people said it smelled pretty bad. 

We were then off to see some more of the island with a stop at Fort Fincastle

Then Queen's Staircase.  This was a really cool spot.  This limestone staircase was built by slaves to honor Queen Victoria's help in the abolition of slavery in the Bahamas.

After seeing most of the island we headed to Atlantis but we soon found out it would only be for about 15 minutes.  Not much time to check out the aquarium and we found out you can't really even walk around unless you have a pass.  This is where Brody started to lose it.  Things were not going as he had thought or planned - poor thing he is just like me.  I felt really bad because I know he really wanted to see the aquarium - we all did but maybe another time. 

Our tour then was to take us to a beach to swim and whatever else.  Well we didn't really want to do that (however there were a few ladies with us who did).  Thankfully the first stop the waves were too rough so our driver took us somewhere else.

Thankfully we spoke up and we were able to end our tour and head back to the boat to get a few rides on the slide in before dinner and oh yeah and grab some lunch. 

We found the 9 hole golf course at the top of the boat.  This was a very windy place, but the kids had a blast playing goofy golf.

That night our dinner was in Royal Palace and it happened to be formal night.  With boys you take what you can get for a picture so I decided it wasn't worth standing in the long line for a picture in front of the Christmas tree so we did the staircase instead. 

We tried to keep Brody's spirits up for his birthday ( poor thing I think he was on overload and tired because it showed in his actions). 

Whenever we have gone out to eat for dinner Brody is at the age when we got to eat for dinner that he doesn't want something off the kids meal - well this mama isn't ready to pay the big price.  SO what does he decide to order while we are on the cruise?  Off the kids menu - are you kidding me?  Thankfully I talked him into ordering one adult meal one night but usually it was Mac n cheese.  The one time it is all included and he chooses the kids meal. Oh well. 

Dessert time came and our wait staff brought him a huge dessert and of course sang Happy Birthday to him.  What a great way to spend your birthday. 

A real gingerbread house.

Well, once again the boys didn't want to go to the show, so off they went to the Oceanneer's Club while we 4 adults headed to the show and listened to some karaoke. 

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