My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Disney Cruise - Final day - A VERY SAD DAY!!

Friday morning we were up early around 7AM to exit the boat.  Poor Trevor was so not ready to leave since he didnt move through all of the loud announcements telling everyone we have docked and it was time to leave.

One last picture before we left the boat.

To recap, I can surely say that this was one of the best trips we have taken.  Jason had a little concern before we booked it because of the price and he thought the boys would rather go to the actual Disney park instead.  However, he asked them when we got off the boat which they would rather do and they picked a cruise with no hesitation.  

Yes, it was on the high price range but it was definitely top notch and I will say that it will be very difficult to cruise any other cruise line now that we have cruised the best.

The boys are already planning their next one.

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