My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Disney Cruise - Castaway Cay

Wednesday morning we woke up pretty early to get an early start on Disneys private island Castaway Cay.  We I wanted us to be one of the first ones on the island to get a spot and allow the boys to play on the play area before it got too crowded. 

Since we were so busy getting ready for our cruise we didn't have time to take a family Christmas card picture, so we planned for this.

We found a spot and the boys headed into the COLD water to experience the slide. 

Trevor was one and done – I think the water was too cold for him.  Brody only rode it a couple of times.  Mom came up and said Jack Sparrow was right around the corner for pictures with no line.  This is the one character the boys have never gotten a picture with so they were pretty excited.  Let me just say that this guy played this part so well. 

Brody decided he wanted to try out snorkeling and Trevor found out about Skuttles Cove (which is like the Oceanears Club on Castaway Cay so he wanted to go hang out there for a little bit.  

Mom and Dad found a nice shade tree and relaxed a little.

As in good Disney style, the lunch was a wonderful Caribbean flare meal and of course an all you can eat ice cream machine – I might have had a couple.  The both boys wanted to go back to Scuttles Cove – they must really enjoy this place.

The 4 adults decided to rent bikes for an hour and explore the rest of the island.  Of course I forgot to take my camera along for this.   They finally opened up this play area and after some convincing the boys finally decided to come out of Scuttles Cove.  Brody was so excited because this was right up his alley – even though the water was freezing.  Trevor decided to play in the sand some first, but big brother convinced him to join him out in the play area.

I really didnt think we would be one of the last people on Castaway Cay, but the boys had a blast.  It was time to get cleaned up and get ready for Pirate Night.  Oh they couldnt wait.

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