My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A VERY busy Saturday

We arrived home from our cruise on Friday, December 5 and had Brodys 8th birthday party to prepare for the next day.  However, we first had our towns annual Christmas parade.  The boys were asked to ride on the Brandies Ace Hardware float with Ava and Hunter (his grandma works at Ace). 

Since Stephanie was going to be the only adult on the float with 4 kids plus Liam, I thought I should probably ride to assist.  Well, Adam was driving the float so Jason rode in the front with him.  A family affair!!

Ace did a great job on the float.  I thought it was very creative with gingerbread men as ninja turtles and then there was Olaf in the front.   We even had a gingerbread smell being sent out from the float. 

The boys were so excited to be able to ride and couldnt wait to throw out the candy.  We only had a couple of oops!! –  we lost a gingerbread turtle half way along the parade route.  Thankfully someone ran out and grabbed it up so we could put it back on – that was my job of holding these guys on.  All the kids were so excited to be able to see their friends watching the parade.  We always thought they would miss watching the parade, but after seeing how much fun they had I dont think they missed it at all.

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