My Family

My Family

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Parade

Saturday morning was a busy day.  We started it off at our annual town's Christmas parade.  We met up with Stephanie and Ava and had a great spot to view the parade.  Bradyn and Grady also found us and joined in on the fun.

 Of course their least favorite part were the fire trucks.

Adam had the lucky job of dressing up as clown and driving the Ace jack in the box.

As Adam saw us he drove over towards us and Brody and Ava went out to turn the crank so the clown would come up (Trevor stopped for the candy lady).  Caroline Cochrane was dressed as the clown inside and when she popped out she would throw candy everywhere.

Adam the clown!!

We also found a few other people we knew in the parade.


My cousin Cindy and her granddaughter

The kids have a hate/love relationship for the pirate ship.  They hate the loud bang but love to see it.  Trevor and Ava went out to get beads from this pirate.

Our church put in a couple floats as well - our music ministry

Our children's choir.  Brody was asked to ride the float but Jason and I felt that he only has a couple more years to enjoy watching parades.

The end of our parade always brings a special guest - Santa Claus.

Of course lots of candy was brought home - just what we needed.  The kids had a blast and it was only the beginning of the day.

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