My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A thankful heart

As a mom I would love to have kids who are thankful so when Brody came home from school with the blank cornucopia he was so excited to complete it.  Of course in school they have talked all about thanksgiving and different things to be thankful for.  We sat down to start our project which would be displayed around the school.

I asked him to name all the things he was thankful for and off he went - freedom, family, church, God, toys, food, and Mrs. Proffit.  With a little help from a printer we came up with a pretty good cornucopia that represents all of the things he is thankful for.  He was so proud of how it turned out.

After completing that project he decided he wanted to have A Thankful Tree in the house.  So off we went to create it.  This was really an easy project.  Items needed:

A few branches
Leaves cut out of paper - putting my Silhouette to good use

I had Brody write something he was thankful for on each of the leaves.  Trevor joined in as well with my help.  I then tied each of the leaves on the branches.  My goal was for each of us to write something on a leaf each day of November, but we got a really late start so I will have to remember this for next year.

Our final product

Brody and I celebrated Thanksgiving together at school the Tuesday before.  The class made vegetable soup and a few of the parents brought some cute Thanksgiving goodies for the kids to enjoy.

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