My Family

My Family

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was filled with food x 2 and family x 2.  Our first stop was at my mom's for lunch.  She was having her sister and her family over as well.  She had such a nice little set up.

Of course I had to try out a couple of new recipes.  My first pumpkin roll which was a lot easier to make than I thought and it was pretty good.  Brody and Jason really enjoyed it.

To stay on the pumpkin theme, I made some mini pumpkin pies.  They were ok, could have used a little more pumpkin spice, but they looked cute.

 Josh and Danica had to take a little nap after lunch.

A few hours later we packed up and headed out to Jason's moms.  The weather was beautiful so the kids were able to play a little outside but with supervision since it is right on the road.

 I really wanted a couple more photos, but Brody was the only one participating.

Someone wasn't too happy.

We had such a great Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for -

- A loving Lord who accepts me for who and what I am
- My healthy family
- A loving husband
- A roof over our head
- Opportunity to stay at home with the boys

During this time I realized that I need to be more thankful for all of the blessings the Lord has blessed me with.

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