My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One too many shoes

Right before we walked out the door to go see Disney's Rockin Road Show this happened

At the last minute I decided to change belts and when I put the old one back on the hook Mt. Shoe Closet erupted and EVERYTHING came piling down. The clothes rack finally had it last straw and it gave way which then led to every shoe to come piling down on top.

This was not my idea of a birthday present (mine was on the 15th and this happened on the 13th) but it looks like this was going to be part of my birthday present. Needless to say Jason was not too thrilled to have to redo part of my closet. I wasn't looking forward to the clean up that was going to have to take place when we got home later that night just so I could find something to wear to church the next day.