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My Family

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6 Months Old

Trevor turned 6 months old on Feb 3- WOW!! The time has really flown by and of course it seems just like yesterday. On this day, I couldn't help but replay that wonderful, scarry, and VERY FAST event of a day 6 months ago.

We have gone through so much during this time. There were times in the beginning that I thought Trevor would never just sit, lay by himself. He seemed to always want to be held which Jason and I tried desperately to break him of that. I can thankfully say Trevor has reached that point. He really just wants someone to sit near him and talk to him - he's our people person child.
Brody is such a good big brother.

He is finally sitting up by himself which is so cute. It was like overnight he was able to do this. He loves to sit and play with his toys and especially watch Brody. He still can't / won't roll from his back to his belly which isn't causing too many problems.

We are starting a fruit in the morning and a vegetable/ meat at night and are in the stage 2 food. Anytime a new food is introduced, he doesn't like it so we have to wait a couple of days and try it again and he'll usually eat it. Eating prunes - he really loves them.

Trevor is sleeping VERY good at night. We are so blessed and rested. He HAS to go to sleep by 8:00 and will usually sleep until 8 AM and sometimes 9AM. He is taking 2 naps for a total of about 4 hours - he LOVES his sleep.

He is also a BIG drooler. Everything is soaking wet with Trevor. Check out this drool coming out.

We had his 6 month pictures done at Target - it's usually cheaper and you don't have ALL of these pictures you don't know what to do with. However, this may be my last time at Target because we had to wait at least 30 minutues after our scheduled appt time which throws all of my well thought out planning down the tubes. You know - exactly what time to leave, when he should nap, when he should eat. We finally finished everything about 2 hours later - so of course Trevor fell asleep in my arms while picking out pictures. Here's a few of the pictures - I think they turned out pretty good considering he was getting pretty tired.
By this time, Trevor was over pictures hence the statement "I don't want to be the little brother"
I love my 2 boys even though I am still adjusting to having 2.

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