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My Family

Monday, March 29, 2010

34 and holding

March 15th was my birthday and this year I wanted to live it up right - now don't get too excited you know me I'm not all that crazy. I just wanted to go and spend time at the spa. So, I actually went to work for half a day - I had to make it through lunch because we get to pick our lunch on our birthday. My work caters in lunch everyday - this is a great perk, however, we don't get to go out and take a break. The purpose of the catered lunch is to keep us at our desk - we work around the Stock Market - and since it doesn't close we don't either.

So, after a yummy lunch from Tijuana Flats I took off to Natural Body Spa at Towne Center for a 3 hour pampering session. This was my first time there and I was very impressed. I had a massage, a Seaweed scrub (I thought I had purchased a Seaweed wrap but read it wrong), and a facial. It was so nice and VERY relaxing - no kids for 3 hours what a great and relaxing time.

After my relaxing spa time, I hurried home to get ready to go out to eat with my parents - Red Lobster. This used to be one of favorite restaurants - I think it was for the cheddar biscuits and I used to LOVE shrimp. However, something happens after kids and I'm not a big fan of shrimp anymore, but I still like fish. We also had to pick somewhere close since Trevor LOVES to go to sleep at 8:00. I am always so worried to take both boys out to eat - you never know what will happen. Thankfully, they were both very good - even though we had to wait for about 40 minutes and I just knew that would throw a loop in the whole timing of Trevor eating. Trevor just sat in his carrier and ate his solid food and then shortly after wanted his bottle which he can now hold all by himself - YEAH!!

What birthday is not complete without a trip to Lowe's. Here's Brody having a blast.

Now I know I'm taking a cake decorating class but I was not going to make my own birthday cake so I remembered seeing commercials for Cold Stone's Chocolate Strawberry cake and how convenient there's a Cold Stone at River City. The cake was very yummy and you know who just loved it :)
My sweet birthday card from Brody
What card is not complete without Lightning McQueen stickers - just what I wanted.

I had a great birthday but I still don't feel 34!!!


  1. A homemade birthday card with stickers no less! I love it. Looks like a perfect birthday to me. I had to laugh when I read about y'all going to Lowes (that is SUCH a Mizell-ish birthday!!!) Your skin looks so great after your trip to the spa. I really might need to suggest a spa trip (with no babies) for my own birthday :)