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My Family

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

7 months - wow it flies

My little boy turned 7 months old March 3 and he is such a joy. He is such a happy baby and we are finally getting our 2 - 3 nap schedule down pat and it's great. This kid loves his sleep. We have been very blessed with 2 boys who can sleep pretty good in a stroller and a car seat because goodness knows it is difficult for me to stay home - there are places to go.

Recall the Cinderella story and 8PM is the new midnight in our house because if Trevor is not in his bed at 8PM then he thinks he'll turn into a pumpkin. He honestly does not want to sleep in his carseat at this time - he only wants his bed. As I think back to our wonderful Disney trip back in Nov, I am VERY thankful for my mom and dad who endured the crying because Trevor was definitely NOT in his bed at 8PM - more like midnight. Poor thing he just doesn't want to sleep anywhere else.

Trevor is still being kept by Dana (I really need to get a picture of the 2 of them so he'll know who kept him later in life). She is the sweetest thing and takes really good care of him. Of course she keeps him on a tight schedule which I love - ie don't just think he's hungry when he cries, go by the schedule - she does great at this.

Trevor's smile will melt anyone's heart and the nursery workers always tell me that he loves to "talk" and I simply smile and say that he gets that from his Nini's side. At times he'll laugh so loud that it has the screech where it sounds like he's losing his breath - it's the cutest thing.

Jason and I were talking the other day and we can't believe how fast it has flown by and that we only have 5 more months of baby food and formula. It really does seem like yesterday I was "quickly" giving birth to him. I heard something on the radio yesterday driving home from work and was reminded that we need to take every minute in with our kids because they'll grow up so fast and you won't know what happened and where the time went. I am constantly reminded of this as I am paying bills or checking email, or cooking dinner and Brody comes up and asks me to read a book or play a game. Somethings can wait, so off I go and play or read.

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