My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Party & Santa - if only Santa was a party

Here are a few pictures of Brody's Christmas party at school that week. The funniest thing was that I sat in the room for about 5 minutes and he didn't even see me. He was being such a big helper but AS SOON AS he saw me the tears came flooding - I don't understand this. All he wanted was me and to go home. Thank goodness he got over it some and I provoked him into participating in the lessons so the moms would see what they have been learning.

Enjoying a cupcake.

Ms. Patty and Brody

Ms. Spivey & Brody

After the party, we went home to grab Trevor and head to the mall to see Santa - what was I thinking doing this by myself. The past 2 years we have taken Brody to see Santa at the Towne Center where Santa sits in a little house. Brody is not so excited to be in small places and it takes him quite awhile to get used to new places, so we we thought going to the mall would be better because he could look at Santa for awhile before actually going to sit on his lap.

We got to the mall around 12:30 and there's quite a line already and of course as soon as we get in line there's a sign stating "Santa is going to feed his reindeer" and will be back in about an hour. GREAT!!! All my planning blown out the water. While Trevor slept, we did a little shopping and go and eat Chick Fil La. We got back in line for our main purpose and after an hour and a half of waiting, a bottle for Trevor, and Trevor and Brody both ready for naps it was finally our turn. No, it couldn't be 2 brothers sitting nicely on Santa's lap - Brody dug his heels in and I drug him to Santa while trying not to drop Trevor. Brody is not wanting to go close to Santa at all and he's pulling my shirt off so I'm thinking all of the Avenues is seeing everything but I'm determined after waiting this long we are getting a picture. The picture turned out okay considering everything.

I told Jason that I just won mom of the year and I will NEVER do this again by myself. After all of this Brody still thinks Santa is a bad man.

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