My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Years Eve 2010

Our annual New Years Eve went off with a great success. We had the Walsky's and Cruce's over for games and an Italian meal. Of course the kids were all excited and eager to pull out every toy in the playroom - really breaking it in. Brody received a JumpOLene for Christmas from of course NiNi and Papa. This is a HUGE inflatable trampoline for inside. However, it doesn't really have much bounce to it. I guess my parents thought we had so much room now in the playroom - thank goodness we can easily deflate it. Needless to say the kids had a blast and look who decided to come and join in on the fun.....

While the kids were playing, the adults rocked out on the new Rock Band game but of course Baylie & Brody had to join in on the singing. Check out Brody's face - he is so serious and into the singing.

After we tried to be Rock Stars we played the new Wii Resort game. We definitely had some good laughs - if I only had a video to record Tracy doing the hula hoop. I'm surprised she didn't pull a hip out - I've never seen anyone do the hula hoop like her.

All 3 kids stayed up until midnight (Trevor of course was in bed at 8:30) and they played REALLY well together but I guess it's pretty easy to do when the playroom looks like this.

Happy 2010!!

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