My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The first of many

What goes along with being in school - Christmas presentations. This of course was Brody's first and we weren't even sure if he would participate since he still is not a big fan of school and so we didn't even invite anyone - yes no grandparents (we didn't even tell them about it). We didn't want to waste their time if Brody decided to cry and not even go up on stage. Since he only goes 2 days a week and hasn't been there much because of Thanksgiving and our Disney trip, I didn't even know what they would be doing and if he even knew the words. If I had, I could have coached him for a couple of weeks to make sure he had everything down - that's a proud mom for you. I found out the day of that they would be saying a Bible verse - James 1:17 (he told me the reference on the way home which I thought was pretty good), saying their prayer and singing Jingle Bells.

We got him all dressed up and took him to his classroom so we could then go and find a seat - of course he didn't want to be left but oh well!! Ms. Patti (his teacher) said he did great at practice that day so we could only hope and pray. The auditorium was packed - standing room only but thankfully we found a seat since we had Trevor with us. As I looked around I saw TONS of grandparents and I just knew I would be in trouble. Brody's class was the first to perform and I have to say he did pretty good for his first time. He held a girl's hand as he came out (smart boy) and we could tell he was actually saying stuff every now and then. No crying so we call it a success.

Saying his prayer.

Singing Jingle Bells

Once it was over we went and got ice cream - yes that was the bribe to get him to sing on stage - whatever it takes!! Let me just say that he doesn't forget when you tell him something - he will hold you to it. We then knew we had to go to NiNi and Papa's house to show them the video and BEG for forgiveness. That's all I needed was somebody asking her why they weren't there. Of course their feelings were hurt but we tried to explain our reason so I think they understood.

We were so proud of him and to hear him say his Bible verse - "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above" James 1:17 makes us so feel so blessed and honored to bringing up a child learning God's Word.

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