My Family

My Family

Friday, January 1, 2010

A few Christmas traditions

Since having Brody we try to go and watch the Callahan Christmas parade. This year we weren't so sure since it was rainy and who needs children to get sick. Thank goodness the rain slacked off for the parade but we did leave Trevor with NiNi and Papa. Brody wasn't so sure about the beginning of the parade since there was EVERY fire truck from a 30 mile radius (at least that's what it seemed) sounding their siren. He was ready for that to end even though he loves fire trucks but I think it must be from a distance.

Brody racked up on the candy since there weren't many childrent around us. He had a lot of fun is beginning to be a pro at waving at people.

I have always wanted to decorate sugar cookies so what better time than at Christmas and with a child. I bought the Ginger teddy bears kit- easy to make and came with all the necessary items to decorate.

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