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My Family

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

December School Happenings

December is always a very busy time at school.  It all started the week we got back from our cruise with Trevor being on the morning announcements.  His best bud Ava actually picked his name from the week before.  He really didn't know what to expect.  They have the same 3 students on each morning for a week.  They read what is for lunch, the weather, or the pledge.

The funniest thing happened on the last day of announcements.  Trevor was sitting at the table and was in charge of telling the lunch menu.  They are on rolling seats and as he was sitting back down after the pledge, he sat on the edge of his seat and it rolled away and he fell to the ground.  Well, I wasn't sure if his little incident made it on the news, but I was told that you kind of saw him and then all of a sudden you didn't.  We couldn't stop laughing about this for awhile.

Brody completed his rainforest assignment for Gifted and of course he chose to do it on anacondas.  I think he chose this because he knows how much I "love" snakes - NOT!!!  He had to talk for 5 minutes to his class about anacondas.  He did very well and we were very proud of him to complete something like this as a 2nd grader.

Time for some Christmas parties.

First up was Trevor's Christmas Around the World.  Each class goes around to the other classrooms to learn how countries celebrate Christmas.

First stop was England.  This was one of the best.  One of our Title 1 teachers dressed up like she was from England and told the kids all about Christmas in England.  She had the accent and all.

These were "crackers" where they all stood in a circle and pulled hard on their end and they would get a surprise inside.

Trevor also learned about Christmas traditions in Mexico, Italy, and Germany.

and of course America, which included a visit from Santa Claus.

It was then party time in the classroom.

Several of the classes had been earning money by doing chores around the house and school.  The money they earned went to buy Build a Bears for the Caden Project.  This is an organization where they give these bears to children in the hospital.  Our kids earned enough money to purchase 13 bears and outfits.  Later that afternoon the lady in charge of the Caden Project stopped by to collect the bears.  The kids were so excited to be able to give these bears to her.

Mrs. Brown then gave out her presents to the kids.  Her mother in law makes hats for everyone and they get to pick out the hat they want.

The next day was Brody's Christmas party.  His grade also rotated to each classroom where the teacher would read a different book and then do a craft.  They started in their own classroom and Mrs. Calhoun had them all bring in a wrapped book for a gift exchange.  She read the a story and every time she said left or right then they were supposed to pass the book in their hand that way.  

Mrs. Pittman's room had a dance party.  Brody danced some but as soon as "Let It Go" came on - he and Brent sat down.

In Mrs. Branson's classroom they made their own grinch.

After a couple more classes, they ended their time back in Mrs. Calhoun's for lunch, which was Callahan BBQ and dessert.

My contributions to both parties - Snowmen Oreo Balls

What a great way to end their year!!

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