My Family

My Family

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The start of Christmas break

We were all pretty excited to be on Christmas break.  We had a few things planned but mostly just to take it easy.

Sunday before Christmas

Look at this cheesy grin from Trevor - just want to squeeze those cheeks.

Such loving brothers - sometime!!

Our first day of Christmas break, I decided to take the kids ice skating.  They had never been and I haven't ice skated in about 18 years.  I was really nervous that I would fall and make a fool of myself with my boys out there.  Thankfully I didn't fall and still skated somewhat decent.

The boys were so excited to be doing something new.  I wasn't sure how Brody would take it since he likes to be good at everything.  We were all bundled up - even though it wasn't cold outside at all.

I rented one of these so the boys could get the hang of the ice and not get too frustrated.  It was well worth the $5.

Brody was determined to get the hang of it.  He did get a little frustrated because he wasn't going fast.  After I tried to explain a couple of things he felt better and skated better.

Isn't this the cutest thing?

No tears for our 1st ice skating adventure.

On Tuesday, we had Ava over to make Christmas cookies.  It's always a fun time with these 3 kids

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