My Family

My Family

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sweet Pete's and PJ's

On the Thursday before Christmas break, Brody's class had a field trip to Sweet Pete's Candy store.  We have taken field trips there before, but they have changed locations.  The owner actually went on a show called The Profit to try and get help for his business.  Unfortunately I didn't see the show but needless to say he received money and the business looks so much better and is in a cool location downtown Jacksonville.

The place is so bright and cheery.

When the kids arrived we went downstairs for Pete himself (we had some connections) to give a demonstration on how to make candy canes.  Some of us parents slipped away for a few minutes during this time to do a little candy shopping.  Can't pass up the caramels - they are the BEST!!

He is pulling and stretching the candy to allow air to get into it.

Now it was time for the kids to get a piece and shape it into whatever they wanted.

The final product.

The production room

We then went to hear a candy cane story and make another type of candy cane - paper.

Once we were finished, Brody and I decided to go and have lunch at the Landing.  Afterwards we took a walk down the river to see if Mr. Kahn's (the owner of the Jaguars) yacht was still docked.  I would say it was.  This thing was huge.

Brody thought it was way cool to see this big "ship" but he wondered why we couldn't go onboard and check it out.

Pretty tired boy from a great field trip.

There was a Jags game that night and I let Brody use my ticket because as you can see from how he is dressed it was going to be pretty cold.  He had a blast!!

I stayed home and Trevor and I made cookies!!

A little breakfast snack for their classes on their last day of school before Christmas break - they also wore pi's for school.

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