My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch is always an adventure.  It's usually our chance to get decent pictures of the boys as well as the family - well I really should learn to not get my hopes up with 2 boys.  Somehow, this year it slipped up on me and I didn't have much for the boys to wear but thankfully Jason was able to go to the mall during lunch and find something - phew!!

The kids were pretty excited to get there and no trip to the pumpkin patch with 2 boys is complete without some running around (parents telling them to STOP running), falling down, fingers in a rotten pumpkin (Trevor only) and constantly saying LOOK at the camera.

Thankfully we got a few ok pictures and of course came home with a few pumpkins.

Running thru the pumpkin patch

Oh yeah, one of my favorites.

After our visit we stopped to eat in San Marco at The Loop and a quick trip to Peterbrooke Chocolate right next door - YUMMY!!  On our way back to the car they wanted to "dance" in the center area.  What a cute little sight.  They were having so much fun introducing each other.

It was a great time and the boys had a blast which makes me very happy.

Fair Time

Brody was so excited to go to the fair this year - his memory amazes me because he remembered all about last year and was so excited for this year.  We arrived at the fair around 5:30 and he had talked non stop from when we left the house - I just kept laughing at him because I couldn't believe how much he was talking.

We bought our arm bands to be able to ride all the rides and off we went to ride.  First stop was the merry go round and it only moved up from there - scrambler, tilt a whirl, swings, ferris wheel, and bob slide.  Trevor rode most of these as well.

Merry go round

Kiddie Scrambler - the faces say it all - they LOVED it.

Some weird house to run though - Trevor had to go too, if Brody was going which meant Jason had to go along.

There were a few rides that Brody was too tall to ride on - that's the first, but Trevor was still good to go and he loved it.

A Junior bobsled - they also rode the adult one but my pictures didn't turn out

On the ferris wheel.  Brody didn't like it last year, but boy the difference a year makes because he loved it.

Yes, little 2 year old Trevor on the tilt a whirl.  You can tell it's just a fair because the carnies don't really care too much about the height.  Trevor enjoyed it as long as Jason's arm was around him.

This was another obstacle house to go through.  Trevor was a little small to go on but you couldn't tell him that.  We made sure Brody stayed with him through it in the beginning.  Here's Brody with his arm around Trevor to make sure he stayed safe - so sweet.  Give it a few times and Trevor was running through the thing - with the help of the carnie to give him a little boost on the rope wall :)

Next stop were the animals and of course the boys loved them.  Trevor really just wanted to see the cows.

Trevor didn't want much to do with this pig but Brody was the brave boy.

Our dinner consisted of corn dogs, hot dogs, fries, a funnel cake and of course a trip to the fair isn't complete unless you have cotton candy.  This was Brody's one request the whole night so we got it on our way out around 9:45 (yeah it was a school night) and they ate the entire bag on the way home.

Baths immediately when we got home and asleep by 10:30 - not too bad I guess.  These boys had so much fun and Brody was talking non stop about it the next few days and of course made sure to tell Nini that she shouldn't have gone out of town so she could have gone to the fair with him.

It's fall and garage clean out time

The weather has been so nice lately which means it's time for fall.  Brody was ready to decorate for fall so thanks to Pinterest I had a few ideas on some new things to do.

I made my first wreath which I think turned out pretty good.  I've never hung a wreath on our front door so it's not really sticking that good.  I've used the Command hooks, but they must not stick to glass because when it is rainy it falls off.  I guess it's time to find something else to use or no more wreaths for me.

I also made a pumpkin topiary.  This was a little more work than I thought it was going to be but I was happy with the turnout.

This year we kind of ran out of time to carve our pumpkin so I instead tried to be creative and make a monogrammed one with buttons.  I was really happy with how it turned out.

No fall decorations are complete without a scarecrow so this little guy was added to our fall decor for the year.

With the cooler weather, I felt it was necessary to clean out our garage - everything must come out.  I spent a Wednesday morning taking EVERYTHING out of the garage and onto the driveway.  Once I picked up Brody, then worked for a couple of hours putting everything back in - in an organized manner.

This is with the help of a new workspace to try and conceal some of the stuff we have plus moving some stuff to the attic and the shed.  Very happy with the outcome so now just hoping we can keep it clean.

Tennis anyone?

Since Brody isn't enjoying soccer too much, we thought he would like tennis more.  Now, don't worry he still has to finish out the soccer season, but I don't think he 'll be signing up next season.  We found out about this tennis clinic in Yulee for Tiny Tots and thought it would be great for Brody.  It's on Friday for an hour.

The first lesson we went to - it was like night and day compared to soccer.  Brody jumped out of the car and wasn't nervous at all.  He ran onto the court like he does this thing all the time.  He did so good and had so much fun.  He did really well for his first time - he just has to learn how to keep the ball INSIDE the court - a little too much power.

While Brody practiced, Trevor and I sat outside the court with a blanket and some food.  Trevor was having a blast just hanging out with mama.  I was in shock that he just sat there with me for the entire hour - no running around.  Wow, I didn't think Trevor was capable of doing that.

Here's the conversation when we got back in the car:
Me "Did you have fun?"
Brody "Yes"
Me "Do you like it more than soccer?"
Brody "Oh yeah"

I really didn't get any pictures of him playing because an old high school friend showed up with her son who is also taking lessons and we chatted for about 30 minutes of the lesson - maybe next time.

I think single sports are more the pace for Brody - golf and tennis - just like his daddy.

Sweet times

About a month ago, Brody started going to Gopher Buddies at church on Sunday night while Jason and I are in our couples class.  He has had a blast.  In his class he has a devotion book to go through every night and within the book there is a place to write down who all you want to pray for.

The first night we did it he told me everyone he wanted to pray for and then we had prayer time.  I assumed I was going to have to say the prayer and then he would repeat it, but he took it and ran with it.  It was the sweetest prayer because he didn't just say the person's name but he also said what he was praying for.  Oh, to have a childlike faith.

When we were finished, Trevor came in and wanted to pray as well so Brody led him in a prayer.  Oh yeah, I was about in tears watching this.  My prayer is that I will be able to show my boys by example how to have a Godly prayer life.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Homecoming week

This is definitely Homecoming season and even in VPK at Brody's school.  Last week was Sonshine's homecoming so they had dress up day everyday - 80's and Nerd Day we didn't dress up for.  But there was no way Brody was going to miss out on pj day.  He was pretty excited and had picked the "perfect ones" to wear.

Trevor even had to get his picture made with his pj's on.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Water, horse & cars - what do you get?

Ways my 2 year old has fun

He loves to play with the water hose - but Brody couldn't believe he was doing this.

AKA Woody

Watching some tv with his "blanket"

Brody has been teaching Trevor wear places are such as NYC, Hawaii, Africa, and Japan.  Trevor is showing me where NYC is.

These boys crack me up with some of the stuff they come up with.  They get along most of the time pretty good and it makes my heart happy!!