My Family

My Family

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Players 2011

It has become our annual tradition to take Brody to the The Players golf tournament in Ponte Vedra on Wednesday of the tournament which is the players signing day and everything is a little more laid back. No Trevor this year, he stayed home with Miss April - I really want to enjoy the tournament myself instead of chasing him down everywhere.

Brody was pretty excited about going and of course was asking a TON of questions loudly - for some reason he talks VERY loud and we are always saying "inside voice please." Since we go on Wednesday we are allowed to take cameras and I was so excited to be able to use my Mother's Day present.  When we got there we went straight to the 18th where Tiger was finishing up (he always starts SOOOO early) and I got out my camera and realized that I left BOTH batteries in the charger at the house - SHOOT!!!  Thankfully, phones were allowed this year so all memories wouldn't be lost just maybe not the best quality.

One of the best things about Wednesday's is that the players are readily available and willing to give you their autograph.  So, for the past 3 years, we have purchased a flag and Brody goes up and gets golfers signatures - well Mama has for 2 of those years and Brody was able to do it this year.  He was pretty adament on certain golfers he wanted.  For example, he really wanted Sergio's autograph since Sergio threw him one of his golf balls last year, so as another golfer walked by, Brody says of course loudly "I don't want his signature" - I about died - he just wanted Sergio.  We quickly had to explain that it's ok to get as many as you can.

 The view of the 17th.

Jim Furyk and his wife.

There was a FCA breakfast that morning and Toby Mac was there and we found out that he was going to be caddying for one of the golfers.  I was pretty excited when I spotted him around the clubhouse and so I (Brody was not in the best of moods - he was hungry) went up to get the golfer's signature and even asked Toby for his.
See Toby's signature right above the Y...

Brody also received 2 other golfer's golf balls -            and Ian Poulter - my favorite.  As Ian finished up the 18th he signed 4 golf balls and put them in his pocket.  I grabbed Brody and stood along the path for him to try and get one of them.  As Brody held his hand out in hopes Ian might give him one of the balls, I kept telling Brody (kind of loudly) that it's ok if we don't get one because he's pretty small and Ian might not see him.  Well, when Ian got close, Brody says to him in the sweetest voice "Mr. Ian, may I please have one of your golf balls in your pocket?"  I still wasn't sure if Ian heard him but sure enough Ian reached in and gave him one.  I was so proud and even people around us said "that's cool".   This pretty much completed my day.  Brody keeps asking to play with the golf balls but oh no they sit in a special place!!

 One tired little boy.

It's great to be a MOM!!

Mother's Day was crazy this year seeing that Jason and I got home from the beach weekend on the Saturday before so no time to really plan what to do - not that Jason lets me, but the in control person that I am always feels that I need a plan.  You know it is Mother's Day and I should be doing something for my mom and Jason's mom but at the same time I'm a mom too and don't really want to do anything except rest!!  Before I get too far ahead of myself...

While getting ready for church Brody called me out to the kitchen and I had a yellow bag waiting on me.  He was so excited even though he had no clue what was in it - we can't tell him about gifts because you know a 4 year old can't keep a secret.  Anyway, they got me a new lens for my camera.  I was pretty excited.  I have been wanting an all purpose lens and they got me an 18mm to 135mm - YIPPEE!!  Brody kept saying now you can take more pictures of us - not like he looks at the camera :(

Off to church we went with my new camera lens in tow because Brody was singing in "big" church that morning.  He was pretty excited as was I.  Now, I thought there were other boys in the choir, but nope my boy was the "stud" of the group.  One day he will pretty proud to have had all of those girls around him. 

Love their faces.

He did a great job and even did a shout out to Nini - it wouldn't be complete without someone doing it.

This year I opted to just go out to eat even though the thought of taking 2 tired boys Sunday after church to a restaurant was pretty exhausting - oh well, Jason assured me it would be ok.  We were headed to Olive Garden - but I guess EVERYONE else had the same idea because it was over an hour wait - NO THANK YOU!!!  Zaxby's it was and thankfully Trevor slept on the ride over (about 15 min)!! 

The boys were pretty tired but I still had to attempt to take a few pictures since it was Mother's Day.

Trevor isn't so sure what Nini is doing.

Fun Times

After about a 3-4 nap by the boys and a couple hour nap by yours truly, we were well rested.  It was a great weekend and God has truly blessed me with 2 great boys and a Godly mom who has taught me by example.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, to be 18 again!!

Jason and I help teach 12th grade seniors Sunday School at our church.  This time of year we celebrate their graduation by hosting a banquet at Dave & Busters for all of the high school youth and then we take  the juniors and seniors to St. Augustine to spend a couple of nights in a HUGE beach house.  It is always the highlight of our year.  Here's a few pictures from the banquet and the fun weekend.

Cute little cupcakes I made for the banquet.

All of our seniors at the banquet.

Here's how we found my dad when we got home from the banquet - dad asleep and Brody still awake watching tv

Our BIG house that slept 22

 We played a lot of Corn Hole.

 This is what I awoke to on Friday morning as I did my devotion and spent some quality one on one time with God.

 Some of the seniors showed off their Michael Jackson moves.

 Some even showed off their football skills.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Zoo of a Saturday

One Saturday a few weeks ago we all headed to the zoo.  Jason hadn't seen the Dino exhibit yet and of course Brody told him he couldn't miss it.  Brody wanted to see if his daddy would get wet from the spraying dinosaur :)

It was a beautiful day but I wasn't sure how crowded it would be because the zoo was having an Earth Day celebration but we went with it anyway.  Of course the first place was the Dino's, however, this time around Trevor was a little scared of them.

Yeah, he thinks he is a big boy.

We rode the train, ate a shaved ice, jumped in the bouncy houses to celebrate Earth Day, and even saw a few animals.  All in all it was a good day.

 Oh yeah, he's drinking Pepsi - just a little bit though because we surely know we don't need anything else to get him hyper.

 Mapping out our next stop.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer is here....

Several weeks ago we broke out the slip n slide and the pool.  The boys were so excited to be outside in the water.  Trevor wasn't so sure about the slip n slide and slowly got into the pool with Brody's help

Trevor's face in these next few is so cute.

Taking a break.

 Sweet brothers