My Family

My Family

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Upward Year 3

In January Brody started his 3rd year of Upward basketball.  He was so excited for it to start especially since his buddies Bradyn and Jude were going to be on his team.  Jason and Keith, Bradyn's dad, were the coaches which made the boys even more excited.

I think this was one of Brody's favorite times - running out to the court when his name was called - such excitement.

Ava played Upwards this year too and her games were right before Brody's so we would get to watch her game and then she would stay some for Brody's game.  This is how we saw her and Trevor most of the time.

Still my little defensive player.  He was very aggressive this year with his defense - sometimes a little too much - he even got a few fouls.

No way Grady is getting that ball from him.  It was very funny to watch the 2 of them play against each other since they are friends.

Here's to 8 more games!!

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