My Family

My Family

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A little randomness

Yes, I have been quite behind on the blog due to 2 eye surgeries, a 2 week sickness in our house, and a crashed hard drive.  I think I am finally back and ready to try and catch up.  Here's a little bit of what has been going on

We have started alternating pizza night and nacho night on Friday's and the boys LOVE nacho night and I LOVE pizza night.  For some crazy reason Trevor isn't much of a pizza fan - imagine that.  For pizza night I actually made my own dough using a bread maker and I was very impressed with how it turned out - the key was to let it sit and it rose so good.

Our first taco night we decided to try out an ice cream taco, which they really liked the ice cream better than the chico taco.

Things finally slowed down and we were able to have a game night and had a blast with our friends.  We tried out a new game - Ellen's Headbands.  It was a blast - a new favorite.

We were a little too much fun for Tate - passed out and then went to sleep in Trevor's bed while the other kids partied long and hard in the playroom.

We enjoyed our nice weather and gone on a couple of bike rides

A ride in Fort Clinch led to a walk out to the beach.  Yes, there is a beach behind them but it was very foggy and you couldn't even see it.

Celebrated a sweet little girl's first birthday

Our Seniors are huge fans of The Walking Dead (Jason and I not so much) so we had a party at our house for the opening premier and we were all to bring Zombie treats.  Here's my contribution.

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