My Family

My Family

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A sporty Valentine's weekend

Let me start by saying how difficult it is to do anything for Valentine's Day with 2 children. Even before Brody we didn't go out on Valentine's Day because of all the crowds but Jason would usually pick up some fresh fish and we - yes I said we- would cook dinner together. I have always loved that tradition but with 2 boys it was definitely harder to plan. Oh and put into the schedule - Upwards Basketball and a flag football tournament.

On Saturday, Jason and Brody took off to his Upwards game and me and Trevor took off to Jax to take some stuff back and purchase my new cake kit - it was the last day for 60% off and I am always up for a great deal. Oh yeah, I had $10 Kohl's cash that HAD to be used by that day. Jason doesn't always understand why I would drive all the way to a store just because I had $10 to use up. It must be a female thing.

When Trevor and I got back home I started getting dinner ready which this year's menu consisted of Filet Mignon (I had never cooked this before but thanks to I found a recipe that sounded pretty good), Baked Potato & Broccoli - desert was a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pie. We all ate dinner and had a great evening.

Sunday morning was Jason's flag football tournament but it was way too cold for me to take the boys out to see it, so I packed them up and went to church. Let me just say how difficult it is to get 2 boys ready for church by yourself - lots of respect for single moms. We were able to give Brody and Trevor their Valentine's present. Brody LOVES Buzz Lightyear so he received a wipe off board, crayons, and a Buzz canvas board to color. Trevor received a vibrating teething grape - he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth which is so different than Brody.

Jason bought me a new iphone cover - pink and black plaid one of my favorites and Peterbrooke Chocolate covered popcorn - YUM, YUM. I bought him the new Andre Agassi book. He's usually not a reader but lately he has been reading sport type books.

One of the sweetest things was the homemade card that I received from Brody. The funny thing was that when I got home from shopping on Saturday he came up and said "we're making you a card" - can't keep secrets from a 3 year old.

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