My Family

My Family

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The greatest show on earth.

This was the year to take Brody to the circus. We figured he was old enough to sit still long enough and enjoy it. We went along with the Cruce's and the Walsky's - Baylie and Bradyn (2 of Brody's good friends). Brody was so excited even though I don't think he knew exactly what was going to happen. We showed him a few things on the internet to spark his interest.I love his look of excitement - taking it all in.

We had really good seats and could see everything.

It's been about 22 years or so since I've been to the circus and it was quite different then I remembered. The tigers were pretty sad - they acted drugged and didn't do much which I guess I would want them sedated too if I were in the ring with that many. The motorcycles were VERY impressive as well as the ladies who could bend EVERY which way possible.

We even made it out of the circus with no souvenier - just some popcorn. It's not because he didn't want one but we stood strong and told him he could have some jelly beans when we got in the car - everything changes when it's food and especially jelly beans.
Oh yeah, Trevor stayed at home with Nini and Papa since the circus started at 7:30 and he is
usually asleep by 8:00. I'm sure we'll be back in the future.

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