My Family

My Family

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A feast of beasts

Let me start this post out by saying that I nor Jason are fans of hunting. This was one of my search criteria for a husband - no hunting - lol. I instead found a husband who LOVES ALL other sports - which I'm fine with. My dad on the other hand enjoys hunting. It's amazing what little 3 years old can absorb because one night Brody was talking about shooting animals and we wondered where he learned that - he said Papa's shows. We now tell Brody that the hunting shows are BAD. He now tells Papa that he can't watch those shows because they are bad. Wow at a 3 year old's mind.

Well, a couple of weeks ago our church hosted their annual Beast Feast. My dad was helping out with it and called one afternoon to have me bring Brody up to see ALL of the animals in the church. Brody had just laid down for a nap, but being the great mom that I am - lol - I got him up and he was so excited to go up and see the animals.

He even knew this warthog was in The Lion King - Pumba.

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