My Family

My Family

Friday, November 7, 2014

NE Florida Fair comes to town

We love this time of year because it means the fair is in town.  This is a big deal in our small town.  I haven't been to any other fairs, but I think ours is pretty good.  The opening of the fair was on Friday, Oct 17 and a group from our church including Jason sang the National Anthem before the gates opened.  The boys were so eager to get inside, however, I had some bad news - we weren't riding any rides that night.  We were just going to walk around and check out the animals, school booths and of course eat.  They kept begging to ride rides, but I tried to explain that they were only selling individual tickets while we were there and we were planning to come back on Tuesday.  They somewhat were ok with that.

Checking out the animals with Hallie.

I think this goat wanted to lick Brody, but he wasn't so sure about that.

Is this not the biggest bunny you have ever seen?

They couldn't wait to try their hands at milking a cow.

One of the school booths (I forgot which one), set up a photo booth with lots of props.  The boys had a blast.

Time for some food - one of the best things about the fair.

This was the first thing Trevor asked for - "that thing with the white stuff on it".  He wanted to make sure we were getting one.  I guess he hasn't figured out that his mama isn't leaving the fair without one of these.

It was nice to take time to check out the animals and booths, but I know the boys can't wait to come back to ride.

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