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My Family

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Since the weather was pretty warm and we entered Magic Kingdom earlier than the Halloween party started, we decided to just take the boys' costumes with us and they could change into them if they decided to.  We were pretty bummed out that we couldn't get a fast pass for the Mine Train ride, but was hoping the line wouldn't be that long and we would just wait.  For the first few hours it was well over an hour wait, which wasn't happening.  Around 6:00 or so the wait went down to about 45 minutes so we went for it and actually some friends of ours came up behind us to ride it as well.  Crazy how that happens.  This helped the wait time pass quicker since B & T had Lance and Lily to play with in the line.

After the ride, B & T decided to go ahead and change into their costumes.  We had a Gator football player (minus the helmet) and Luke Skywalker (minus the light saber).  These weren't my choices for costumes, but I had a Mom moment and realized that this is what they want to dress up as AND we already had these costumes so we didn't have to buy anything.

One of their favorite rides - as I stand and watch.

A few games throughout the park.

Can't miss out on the trick or treat stations.  However, there were about 12 stations set up throughout the park, but we only got to about 5 or 6, but still had PLENTY of candy.

A trip to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is not complete without a visit to the Haunted Mansion.  This was a real "dead" lady sitting out chatting with people.

My boys (probably not too many children) don't like to sit and wait for a parade.  They would rather just miss it and ride rides.  I on the other hand don't want to miss it, so I choose to find a good spot and sit there for about an hour and people watch why the boys go and ride.  Unfortunately we don't get to see the fireworks show (the boys don't like fireworks) and we don't get a spot in front of the castle to see the show, but oh well.

A few minutes before the parade starts, the Headless Horseman comes riding down the parade route.  He is pretty spooky.

All ready to watch the parade.

These people freak me out and my skin crawls as they drag their shovels along the ground.

Trevor just couldn't hang for the entire parade.

I've mentioned before my boys aren't big on getting pictures with characters.  However, Brody is in a play in a couple of weeks and is playing Doc from the Snow White.  He really wanted to get his picture with him even if it meant missing out on riding Space Mountain one last time.  I was in shock, but actually kind of excited.  Based off the line it looked to be about a 40 minute wait, but ended up to only be 20 minutes.  Brody was so excited and wanted to stand by Doc of course.

The boys had a blast and we left when the park closed at midnight.  Of course they passed out on the bus riding back to our hotel.  That always makes for fun times back at the hotel when they have to get baths!!

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