My Family

My Family

Monday, February 3, 2014

Last Christmas randoms

After going through all of my pictures from December I found a few items I failed to blog about. 

Butterfinger cupcakes for the birthday boy and his classmates.

Brody's class celebrated Grinch Day and I tried my hands at Grinch cookies.

All dressed in green for Grinch day!!

These sandwiches became one of Trevor's favorites thru December.

PJ day at school.

With Christmas comes a lot of baking.  I love to bake and this year I decided to bake goodies to give as gifts for school teachers and church teachers.  It was lots of fun.

One of my favorite goodies - divinity.  It's amazing how temperamental this candy can be - weather is a huge factor.

Lots of the goodies I made and gave out.

What a fun and busy Christmas!!

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