My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Mountain Christmas – Day 4

We headed back to Dollywood Monday even though it was going to be so cold.  We bundled up and went for it.  Since it was so cold the roller coasters were closed but we still had fun.

Time for some car racing

This was one of Trevor's favorite.

Now the big kids join the little ones since these little rides is all that was open.

Brody and Caleb loved this thing.  When it starts it goes up in the air and goes round and round.  They thought they were so big riding all by themself.

Despite the injuries (Madeline’s cut eye from falling into the table, Brody’s eye go cart accident,  and Cale’s trip to the ER with what we thought was a broken foot) , we all had such a great time on our family mountain Christmas vacation.  Thanks to Nana and Poppy for a great gift.

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