My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tunnelz N Tumblez

Last week, the 2 boys and I met Tracy and Baylie at Tunnelz N Tumblez for a day of fun. I wasn't sure how Brody was going to do with this type of place because he can be a little timid - or scared to try too many new things. He has never really liked going up in tunnels - Jason usually has to crawl up in there with him and drag him along but I thought we would try this place and see how he did. I was really more concerned about taking both boys out with me, but thankfully Tracy was there to assist when needed.

Of course Brody wasn't too keen on the whole idea of going up in the tunnels even though Baylie tried real hard to get him up there. I crawled up there a couple of times and drug him with me. He really enjoyed just running around - true freedom. After about an hour or so of running thru the tunnels they went to play miniature golf. Thank goodness Brody realized it was a putter and not his driver because that's all I needed was a ball launched and break something.

It was a great day and I'm pretty sure Brody and Baylie had a great time playing together. I'm determined to survive with both boys out and about, so this helped me get one step closer.

Trevor really enjoying the day out.

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