My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A creative spark

I don't claim to have much if any creativity ( so the experience below was a big deal for me) - I always wished I had an ounce of creativity my roommate from college had. Well, now that our addition is finally complete I am trying to figure out how to organize it and what to put where and use what we already have. In the old office, I had several black bookshelves and decided to use one of the smaller ones in the playroom for some of the books and extra toys and paint it the same blue that is in the tray ceiling.

One day driving home, I called Jason with what I thought was great idea of putting Brody and Trevor's hand prints on the sides of the bookshelves. He actually asked where did I hear that idea from because he knows I'm not creative - I was proud to say that I had come up with it myself. It must be the 10 weeks of being a stay at home mom and trying to come up with things for Brody to do. We ended up using Brody's hand prints and Trevor's feet prints (much easier then trying to pry a 2 month's hands open).

It was such a coincidence that a friend of mine - Lyndsay was doing something very similar - her OPAM (One Project A Month). She had a great idea of using scrapbook paper on the back of the bookshelf instead of painting it. I loved it. Here's a few before and after pictures.

The Black bookshelf before

The final project:

Since I was in the creative mood, I thought I would try and save some money and make my own clothes dividers for each clothing size for Trevor's closet. There were so many times with Brody that he outgrew something and I didn't even realize he had that in that size because it got lost in his clothes. Here's my solution for Trevor's closet.

So far it has been very helpful because I already found a couple of outfits that I forgot he had. Not sure I have too much more creativity in me but I do have one more project I'm working on - I'll keep you posted.