My Family

My Family

Friday, October 9, 2009

Trevor is 2 months old

Last Friday we took Trevor for his 2 month check up with Dr. Hardman (she is wonderful). It was shot time - so Jason goes with me because I can't handle it. He weighed 11.5 pounds and was 23 inches long which puts him at the 50% mark for both weight and height. Dr. Hardman says he is doing great.
Getting one of the vaccines - he actually liked it. The 3 shots coming later were a different story.

Trevor is sleeping pretty good thru the night - anywhere between 6-8 hours. It's hard to let him cry it out when he wakes up at 5AM because I don't want him to wake up Brody, but I think it's about time to let him cry some so we don't get in a early wakeup habit. His naps are pretty funny during the day - he is like clock work - eat, happy wake time 20 minutes, then starts to cry because he's tired so it's off to a nap and without fail he'll wake up exactly 1 hour later which is 30 minutes until his next feeding. It's so funny how he does this.

He hates the stroller and car seat and does not like to fall asleep in them. I don't rock him to sleep but he's held until he gets kind of drowsy and then off to the crib. He may cry for a little bit but he knows it's nap time. I thank the book Baby Wise for these tips - they worked for Brody so we are doing them again. Now if I can only get him to stay asleep until about 7:30 - doesn't he know I have to go back to work soon.
Happy 2 Months to my Little Man!!