My Family

My Family

Sunday, December 28, 2014

What a weekend!!

The weekend of Brodys play we also had 8 high school guys coming to stay Friday night with us for a Disciple Now weekend AND we had our annual Halloween party on Saturday.  Yes, call us crazy to do all of that in one weekend but hey we are only young once.

We came home from Brodys play that Friday night and the boys went to stay with Nini and Papa since we had 8 guys coming over.  They showed up around 11pm and were ready to hang out.  I love how our house is set up for this type of stuff because they all crashed in the playroom except for the adult leaders Austin and Tyler – they found beds but no one found Brodys full bed.

They played basketball and whatever kind of toys they could find outside until about 2AM and then came in, which is when I went to bed.  They then found the Nerf guns and an all out Nerf war in the dark around my entire house (except for my room).  I was a little nervous to open my bedroom door the next morning – not sure what I would find.  They actually picked up most of the bullets and the only strange thing I found was Brodys little chair in the laundry room – they were using it as a barrier.  Those guys had a blast and didnt go to sleep until around 4 or 5AM and had to be back up around 7:30AM and out the door – oh to be young again!!

It was then time for Jason and I to start preparing for the Halloween party that started at 6.  Oh and the guys came back to the house around 3 to get ready and eat dinner.  Fun times at the Singley house.

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