My Family

My Family

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Halloween Party

This has become one of the highlights of our year - Spooky Halloween Party.

Its crazy that when this started a few years ago, I didnt  want  things to be too scary well, that has changed with the kids getting older.  

There were about 15 kids and we started the evening with some minute to win it games where they played spider toss, create a mask out of post it notes, and marshmallow bite. 

It was then time for the scavenger hunt.  Jason and Adam came up with having the headless horseman deliver the map to the kids.  

Jeremy dressed up as the headless horseman, and we thought the kids would be scared but not so much.  Jason held a lantern and we followed the clues left around Nini and Papas yard like

Bones are scattered everywhere

Around a pile of leaves somewhere

One of those bones holds your next clue 

Beware the owner watches you 

Look on the yard, look all around

Or your next clue will not be found

Beware the woman dressed in black

Your clue is hidden in her hat

There's a special place that you must go to.
To discover a cauldron of witch's brew.
Dunk one team member's hand to find
the next clue and make sure to watch behind.

At each location they were to find a piece of Mr. Bones the skeleton.  Towards the end of the hunt they were taken through a pretty dark tunnel of trees where a couple of large fake bats were hanging in the tree.  When we arrived to the location, a dad was hiding behind the tree and lowered the bat onto the top of kids heads.  

It was definitely a lot creepier at night.

They let out some pretty big yells and Brody and Dominic started beating the bat up.  It got pretty creepy in the tunnel. 

We made it back all safe and sound and then it was time for the hayride.  We had the dads in place and we were off.  

A little something sitting at the entrance of the hayride.

Adam made a HUGE spider out of chicken wire and it was hung in the trees and was lowered onto the kids when we went under it.  Dad drove us around using the tractor and we stopped in the field for a little spooky story from Mr. Raymond.  This really got the kids scared especially when we had a few unsuspected creatures come running up to scare us.  

We had one say he was not coming back to Brody and Trevors Spooky Halloween party, one holler out for Jesus to help him and was hollering for his daddy, Brody buried his head and didnt want to see anything.  We headed to the old barn and it was all set for us to watch the part in Sleepy Hollow where the Headless Horseman comes out.  We were all focused on that and then the headless horseman comes walking out.  Well, dad tried to take off and get us out of there but instead the trailer came unhitched to the tractor and we were stuck there.  It was quite funny because that was not planned but it worked out perfectly. 

A little photo booth action

It was a very successful Spooky Halloween Party and the dads are already getting ready for next year.  Heres what I was looking at when I came in from the party that evening – fun times!!

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