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My Family

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs debut

A few months ago, Brody was asked to participate in the drama club at his school.  This was pretty big because a group called The Ballie Players out of SC, were going to bring costumes and assist with a few practices before the big performance.  He was a little unsure at first because they would be putting on the play Snow White and he thought it was too girly. Jason and I tried to explain what exactly a play is and he at least agreed to go to the first practice.  Thankfully, he loved it and after tryouts landed the part of Doc the dwarf.  They had practice once a week, which meant he missed Run Walk Club for about 6 weeks, but thankfully he was ok with it.

The big day finally came on October 24 and he was very excited.  All of the kids hung out in the cafeteria all day so they could have a run through to get ready for their first performance for the school and then the final performance that evening for the parents.

Getting his costume on

A little behind the scenes action.
All of the kids waiting for the play to start

Ava and Trevor waiting near the front.

One of the coolest things about this play was the music.  All of the songs were popular songs remade like Bad, "Snow" Don't Know She's Beautiful, and Queen in the Mirror
The Mop Girls

Queen in the Mirror

My dwarf "Doc"

Grady as the Prince

The Snow White cast

The 7 dwarfs

Janan, one of the best directors.  She did such a great job directing these kids.

Our Principal and Assistant Principal as Elsa and Anna

Nana came out that evening to see Brody in the play.

Nini and Brody

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