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My Family

Friday, April 18, 2014

Snow Day = Disney

Since we have Disney passes, I thought I would take the boys down to Disney on Friday, January 31. My plan was to leave Thursday after school and come back Friday night.  Our weather in Florida was a little crazy back in January.  On Thursday, January 30 school was cancelled for a SNOW DAY!!  Hard to believe there was a possibility of snow.  Well, it was cold but nothing too bad and of course no snow.

I kept going back and forth on whether or not to go down to Disney since the forecast showed rain for Friday.  It happened to work out that Stephanie and Ava were down in Orlando for the week while Adam was at a work conference.  I finally decided to go with it and we left around noon for our fun filled 2 days.

After a quick trip to IKEA, we met up with Stephanie and Ava and headed to Hollywood Studios for a couple of hours.  It was pretty chilly but the kids had a blast and were on their best behavior.

It's amazing what my boys get Ava on - their first task was Star Tours and of course she LOVED it.

The boys and I stayed at a hotel near Downtown Disney just because I was familiar with the area.  After eating dinner with the Henderson's the boys and I headed to the Lego store at Downtown Disney to grab a couple of souvenirs - like we needed a few more Legos.  However, this was the best deal - a clear box and you get to fill it from the wall of Legos.  They boys had so much fun filling their clear boxes.  All for $7.95 each - what a bargain.

We woke up Friday morning and Stephanie and Ava met us at our hotel for another full day of Disney.  Today's agenda = Magic Kingdom.  However, it was VERY rainy and I wasn't prepared with ponchos, but thankfully I had windbreakers that helped propel a little water.

We decided to not use strollers and wow we felt so free all day!!

Space Mountain time = Ava's big debut.  This was her first time and she had said all day that she wasn't going to ride it, but once again Brody talked her into it!!

I love Ava's face in this picture.

While we rode Space Mountain, Trevor meets Stitch.  Trevor so can't wait until he is tall enough to ride it.

We had such a fun day despite all of the rain and made plenty of memories.

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