My Family

My Family

Saturday, June 13, 2015

January happenings

As the boys headed back to school after a 2 week break we were quite busy in January.

A little Pump It Up fun before going back to school.

Brody's teacher, Mrs. Calhoun, celebrated her birthday on Christmas Day so I thought the kids needed to celebrate with her as well. I made this cake that Brody picked out from the ones on Pinterest I had pinned. It was a chocolate brownie/ cookie dough cake. Talk about a rich cake and huge. The teachers all ate on it for a few days.

Our church held a coat drive one evening where people from all over our town could come and pick up free coats if they needed them. These were all donated from our church members. Here is Brody and Hunter helping clean up afterwards. It was a great lesson for them to learn about helping people in need. 

Trevor is doing great in school however he is not a fan of it some days.

On some days when he gets his clipped moved to yellow he probably doesn't like it either. His punishment when he gets home is to write 5 sentences about what he did. Yeah this is pure torture for him. Thankfully him moving his clip is mostly for just not being able to stay still or quiet - harmless!!

Trevor's class had a few days on snowmen so of course both classes got snowmen snacks.

We went to a skating birthday party one Sunday afternoon for Grady. Now I have not been skating since Our church gym had skates - which was probably about 25 - 30 years ago. I was a little shaky but thankfully didn't fall. The boys had fun and once Brody realized you didn't have to rush through it he even enjoyed it.  Slow and steady wins the race.

We went to see Brody's friend Kate in the hospital one afternoon. The two of them have been in the same class since kindergarten and what's funny is that Jason and her mom were in the same classes together through most of their school as well. She was in there for some stomach pain so we thought we would cheer her up. Well she took us to see "Timmy's Room". The boys thong it was pretty cool.

Brody had his 8 year check up and thankfully did great. We are still keeping an eye on his vision but thank goodness no glasses yet. I am praying that he can get by for a couple more years and just go right into contacts.

We celebrated the 100th day of school with of course cupcakes!!

A shirt with 100 googly eyes - this is a shirt that Brody made in Kindergarten.

Someone was so excited to get a haircut. He has been begging me to get it cut and I caved.

So grown looking.

Just some random cuteness.

We bought this shirt for Liam the last time we were at Disney.

A few months back Brody went to Joseph's with Dominic and they made pizzas. He had so much fun so we had to take Trevor and let them experience it. The pizza was excellent!!

The last week of January was Red Ribbon Week at school - which meant dress up days for the kids.

Red Day

SuperHero day - I was subbing that day so I even had my SuperHero shirt on.

Western Day

Passion 2015

On January 2 Jason and I headed up to Atlanta with 4 of our High School seniors to Passion 2015.  This is a Christian conference with amazing worship and speakers like Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Crowder, Louie Giglio, and Francis Chan.  It is open for 18-25 year olds as well as high school seniors.  This is our 3rd year attending this conference and it is something that Jason and I look forward to attending every year.

The kids always think this is the coolest thing in a small town in south Georgia.

This year we stayed at the Omni CNN Convention Center which was an awesome place to stay because we never had to go outside because it was attached to the Phipps Arena where the conference was.

During one of the lunch sessions they picked a guy and girl out of the audience who didn't know each other and they had a blind lunch date on the stage in front of thousands.  It was quite funny.

This conference is such an awesome way to jump start your new year and help us get closer to God.  It is definitely what I need - and I'm just a chaperone!!

While we were at Passion, the boys stayed with my parents and they visited the zoo at night to see all of the lights.  So thankful for parents that will keep the boys to allow us to go off.

Happy 2015

Well, we came back from our mini vacation to Stone Mountain and got ready for our annual New Year's party.  We all look forward to bringing in the new year with our friends and there is always sure to be some very memorable moments.

The annual picture of the kids - even Liam got in on it.

Game time starting with HeadBands.  This was hilarious to see us all do this game.  I highly recommend this game - it has had some good laughs.  We played guys against girls and if I remember correctly the girls lost.

Ava got a karaoke machine for Christmas so we had to try it out.  I will spare you the video - but let's just say it's a good thing none of us tried to make it with a singing career.

The kids enjoyed dancing as well with some added costumes.

Aren't these 2 the cutest?

We brought in the new year with games and all and hung out until well after midnight laughing and having a great time.  No telling what next year will hold - hopefully someone will remember to come with all of their clothing next year.

Snow Tubing

The next morning we woke up, checked out of our hotel, and headed back to Stone Mountain for our snow tubing adventure.  We were all pretty excited.

We first went down the single tubes and we all had a blast.  Trevor thought he was so big being able to ride down this by himself. 

Next was the family tubes.  This was a blast.  There was a huge drop at the very beginning and it made you go flying.  The kids and I let out quite a few screams.

After a couple of hours of tubing,  the kids really wanted to head over and play in the snow aka ice.  All kinds of snowmen accessories and other snow tools were provided, which made it lots of fun for the kids - even though we quickly realized their gloves were not meant for this because their gloves were soaking wet.

Jason got out there and helped create masterpieces.

Our snowman.  Not too shabby. 

After a couple of hours of playing in the snow, it was time for some hot chocolate - even though we were all pretty warm.

First stop was lunch at the original Dwarf House aka Chick Fil A.  This place was crazy crowded, but the guys got this meal and said it was well worth it.

We had such a great time on this mini vacation - now it was time to start fresh for the new year!!