My Family

My Family

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy 2015

Well, we came back from our mini vacation to Stone Mountain and got ready for our annual New Year's party.  We all look forward to bringing in the new year with our friends and there is always sure to be some very memorable moments.

The annual picture of the kids - even Liam got in on it.

Game time starting with HeadBands.  This was hilarious to see us all do this game.  I highly recommend this game - it has had some good laughs.  We played guys against girls and if I remember correctly the girls lost.

Ava got a karaoke machine for Christmas so we had to try it out.  I will spare you the video - but let's just say it's a good thing none of us tried to make it with a singing career.

The kids enjoyed dancing as well with some added costumes.

Aren't these 2 the cutest?

We brought in the new year with games and all and hung out until well after midnight laughing and having a great time.  No telling what next year will hold - hopefully someone will remember to come with all of their clothing next year.

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