My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Mountain Christmas – Day 4

We headed back to Dollywood Monday even though it was going to be so cold.  We bundled up and went for it.  Since it was so cold the roller coasters were closed but we still had fun.

Time for some car racing

This was one of Trevor's favorite.

Now the big kids join the little ones since these little rides is all that was open.

Brody and Caleb loved this thing.  When it starts it goes up in the air and goes round and round.  They thought they were so big riding all by themself.

Despite the injuries (Madeline’s cut eye from falling into the table, Brody’s eye go cart accident,  and Cale’s trip to the ER with what we thought was a broken foot) , we all had such a great time on our family mountain Christmas vacation.  Thanks to Nana and Poppy for a great gift.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Mountain Christmas – Day 3

Brody's eye was looking better Sunday morning.  I was pretty concerned with how it would look - I thought all black and blue - but thankfully it looked pretty good.

Sunday morning the girls headed to the outlet mall for a couple of hours of shopping.  This place was CRAZY – it looked like Black Friday.  We came back and ate dinner and then bundled up for a cold night at Dollywood. 

I was excited to be going to Dollywood at night so we could see all of the pretty Christmas lights - they really do a great job at the park.

We learned that the roller coasters wouldn’t run under 40 degrees so we tried to get as much in as possible Sunday night because the weather wasn’t supposed to get out of the 30’s on Monday.

Me, Tara, and Nana took the little ones to the kids area for a couple of hours and they had a blast.

The “big” kids met back up with us and let Tara and I go ride a couple big rollercoasters before the park closed for the night.  Brody was tall enough to ride The Wild Eagle and he was so excited.  This is hanging roller coaster and he LOVED it.  It is now his favorite ride.

This was one of their favorites - especially Maddie.  She laughed and giggled the whole time - Nana was a different story watching her grandbabies on this thing.

They had a blast and were so excited to have spent it with their cousins.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Mountain Christmas – Day 2 – Part 2

Saturday night we celebrated our Christmas with Jason's family.   Since our gift from Nana and Poppy was the trip, we decided to still let the kids exchange presents because let’s face it – kids LOVE Christmas and receiving gifts.  Yes, we try to teach them it’s not all about the gifts but they are kids. 

It happened that 3 of the 4 boys received Nerf guns and Caleb (aka Daniel) brought extras for Caleb, Daniel and Jason.  It was time for a Nerf war!!

Even Madeline got into the war for a little bit.

The main rule was to not shoot in the eye – well that works for a little while but shortly there were tears.  Trevor was so exhausted and he started crying at everything so off to bed we went.

A Mountain Christmas – Day 2 – Part 1

We woke up Saturday morning and decided to head to the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster.  We had heard from friends that it was pretty fun and we thought the kids would have a blast.  Of course it was crowded – but that’s what happens when you go to the mountains during Christmas break.

I rode with Trevor and Jason rode with Brody.  Now, I have tendency to be a little bit of a daredevil – (this will bite me in the butt later in the day).  As we were going up the mountain in our little coaster, Trevor was so excited and it continued as we went down the mountain.  He wanted to go faster and faster.  Before we started, my plan was to not hit the break all the way down, well that quickly changed as we hit the first curve.  I didn’t want to chance going flying off the mountain.

We would have loved to go again, but it was too crowded to wait in line again, so we headed to the go cart track and there are definitely plenty to choose from in Pigeon Forge.  We bought our tickets to ride 2 different tracks.  

Jason and Trevor rode together this time and me and Brody.  Jason asked if we should switch it  up next time – I thought that was fine, well Jason knows how I drive go carts and he wasn’t going to let Trevor with me.  Good thing!! 

I have a tendency to be quite ruthless on these things – no brakes and no one will pass me.  Brody was right there with me and wanted us to pass everyone.  The first track we did great and had a great car (or maybe it was just the driver).

Here are a couple of pictures that shows how ruthless I can be.  Jason says I ran him into the side.  I guess pictures don't lie.

We headed over to the other track and as we got buckled up, Brody’s wasn’t tightening as it should and I thought the worker would come by and check them all like last time – well he didn’t.  I forgot – a big mistake!!  I made the first turn around the track and spun out with no one even hitting me.  I learned quickly that I had to let off the gas on this track.  We were having a great time and I was learning to drive the car pretty good.  Everyone wanted to pass me, but I wasn’t letting them.

My face kind of says it all.  

Check out Brody’s hat – slowly coming off.  I looked over at one time and it was gone so as we rounded a corner I saw it and yelled at the worker to try and grab it.  

All during this time, Poppy was trying to pass us, but I wasn’t going to have it.  Well, he barely touched me as we rounded a corner and I spun out and ended up facing the wrong direction.  Well, I thought I had enough room to make the turn so I gunned it because there was a car coming.  That was definitely the wrong decision because we hit the side rail so hard and Brody’s face hit the steering wheel.  I didn’t think it was too bad but he was screaming and holding his face and as I looked over my heart sunk because I saw a nice scrape on his face.  I felt terrible.  We drove slowly to the end and Daniel came over to grab him out.  

We immediately put an ice pack on it – thank goodness Nurse Nana was there to help calm him down (she had to do that to almost every grandchild during our trip). 

Brody came home and immediately went to sleep.  This is the nice wound we dealt with the rest of the trip.